We are delighted to share this exciting new addition to our retreat house with you, our guests!In the beautiful spacious lounge of the Panorama Room we have installed a streamlined, fully-fitted kitchen, with ample provision for 6 guests. This now creates a Penthouse Suite which can be used to enhance Bedroom 6 and provide a luxurious extra facility to be enjoyed by any of your party who you wish to make the Guest of Honour. 

Chosen and designed to be discreet, efficient, sleek and attractive, our second kitchen has been added, not just to improve our Panorama Penthouse Suite, but to enhance the flexible functionality of the whole property.  This new kitchen means that Healthy Home Retreat which usually sleeps 14 can be divided into two stand alone units with their own facilities, accommodating the ‘Rule of Six’ when Government Covid Restrictions are active and require guests to stay within their own ‘bubbles’.



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