Six Stylish Bathrooms/Shower Rooms

Each bathroom is stocked with organic Faith-in Nature shampoo, conditioner and body wash. To minimise small bottle usage in each bedroom, we place full-sized bottles wonderful-smelling, chemical-free products in each shower room. Not only does this help minimise plastic waste, but ensures we help protect our wonderful home-earth. Please do not dispose of empty bottles, as we refill and reuse.
We are well equipped with 6 fully equipped bathrooms/shower
rooms. Cottage bedrooms 1 & 2 (Robin & Peacock) share a bathroom. Bedroom 3 (Partridge) has an en-suite shower room. Bedroom 5 (Dove) has an adjoining shower room. Bedroom 6 (Goldfinch) has an adjoining  bathroom. There are two further shower rooms that can be used by Bedroom 4 (Lapwing).  

We are semi off-grid, with our own pristine spring water fed directly to the house, and treated in our cellar. The solar panels heat the water in the cottage on bright days, adding to the joy of using solar heated water in the Barn and Cottage; weather pending, of course.